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525100070 NANO4-RIMS(WHEELS) (commercial) 2x1000m

All solid objects have microscopic pores, invisible to the human eye where dirt can penetrate. Chemical detergents are used regularly to clean these objects but often times do not solve the problem.  Nano4-Rims® brings an ecological solution with its nanoparticles that seal and protect the surface area so that foreign particles do not find a way to penetrate. Surfaces protected with Nano4-Rims®  allows dirt and bacteria to be easily removed with little water or simply with a cloth, protecting the environment from the use of chemical detergents typically used for cleaning. Nano4-Rims® contains UV inhibitors protecting surfaces from the sun’s radiation and gives glass a special toughness, making it much more secure

The product Nano4-Rims® comes with a same size bottle product of NANO4-PRECLEAN which we always use before applying on the surface the product.
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