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Antigraffiti-Sealing Protection

Keep Your Buildings Looking Their Best with Nanotechnology

Do your urban properties have to fight to keep the exterior clean and free from graffiti? Stop wasting time and money on paint, labor, and replacing materials when you invest in building surfaces protection with coatings by NANO4-LIFE Europe L.P. The simple one-time application will repel water, dirt, and even paints often used by vandals and criminals. If there is a mark left behind, it can often be removed with a single swipe.
Resisting Buildup of Grime and Pollution
NANO4-Ultracoat provides a clear coating that resists grease, oil, and water penetration into porous building materials such as wood and stone. A nice rainfall will rinse off any dust and dirt, leaving your building exterior gleaming under the sun. If you do see a stain left by mother-nature or the local vandals, it will be easily removed with nothing more than common water and mild detergents. We have a complete line of products that work with plastics, glass, polished metal, and even stucco. Your business will maintain its Grand Opening look for many years to come.
Pressure Wash with Confidence
Since our nanotechnology coatings actually bond with the surface of your building, they will not wash away over the year or even when you break out the pressure washer. The molecular bond is so strong that it is expected to last up to three years between application. Are you also trying to keep your exterior furnishings looking like new? Our anti-graffiti sealing protection can be applied to stone patios, outdoor furniture, railings, doors, and even trash receptacles.
Erase and Prevent Graffiti with Ease
The anti-graffiti sealing protection means that a non-adhesive barrier is created so that ink, paint, grease, food, dust, mud, or just about any other liquid simply washes away from protected building surfaces. Did you get tagged last night? Erase the memory by lunchtime with a hose and soft brush. When vandals realize that your property always maintains a pristine appearance, they will soon find other buildings to disfigure.
Lower your maintenance and capital expenditure budgets when you invest in an application of NANO4-LIFE products. Click or call to find a regional distributor near you. Order online for next day delivery.

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