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Ceramic Coating 9H

Ultra hydrophobic and Oleo phobic Coating Keeps it Clean and Safe

Nanotechnology coatings by NANO4LIFE deliver a superior finish for many applications from sealing automotive paint to boat hulls to building exteriors. This ultra hydrophobic material sheds water while its oleo phobic coating properties resist the build up of oily deposits. NANODIAMOND creates an invisible ceramic coating 9H over the paint, creating a surface that maintains its showroom glow long after it hits the road.
Automobile Paint Resists Fading and Scratches
Our product not only stops dust and debris from scratching the automobile surface, it also offers protection from UV radiation. Your car will maintain its brilliant color for years when compared to automotive paints that do not include our nanotechnology. All of our NANODIAMOND automotive paints are fully certified. Download our certifications and complete specs with a quick click.
Hard Ceramic Coating 9H Repels Dirt and Damage
Earning a pencil hardness of 9H means that small pebbles and dirt will simply bounce off your vehicle's finish without leaving behind a scratch. Road grime refuses to stick to its super-slick surface. A quick rinse with nothing but water removes most of the dirt and leaves nothing but shine behind. When you apply car paints by NANO4LIFE, you are delivering a beautiful finish to each of your clients.
Apply Once for Years of a Brilliant and Carefree Finish
Vehicles that are painted using this breakthrough ultra hydrophobic and oleo phobic coating will retain their resale value while reducing the amount of time required to keep it looking its best. Your clients will not need to apply wax, restoratives, or send their car through an abrasive automatic car wash nearly as often. The upfront expense of using our premium paints is returned to the owner over the entire life of the vehicle.
If you would like more information on our 9H ceramic coating that includes protection from UV radiation, please contact any of our distributors situated across the globe from Europe to Asia to Latin America. We are able to expedite shipping and offer complete spec sheets for application. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with your paint shop, automotive manufacturer, or automotive parts supply center.

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