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Nanotechnology Coating Solutions

Safe Antibacterial Functionality for Up to Three Years

When you are looking to improve the cleanliness of your commercial, residential, or industrial space, NANO4LIFE Europe L.P. offers a wide range of products created with nanotechnology that provides a durable finish that bonds to surfaces, able to maintain safe antibacterial functionality for up to three years. Many of our nanotechnology coating solutions are simple spray and wipe that bond to surfaces which then resist the collection of dirt and germs, for a healthier environment.
Protecting Surfaces in the Workplace and Public Areas with One Application
It only takes a few minutes to spray on NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE and wipe it down. When it dries, it creates an amorphous glass surface that is permanently attached to your counter, doorknobs, utensils, and other solid surfaces. Whatever it is applied to now is resistant to dust mites, growth of fungus, odor-causing microbes, and offers a surface that is able to be cleaned as usual without affecting the NAN efficacy.
At Work in Medical Offices, Restrooms, and Homes
Our product is able to be used anywhere that large numbers of people share space. Bathroom fixtures repel germs and refuse to collect odors and stains. Lower the possibility of your patients sharing their germs with others in the waiting area, exam rooms, and even doors. At home, create a kitchen that can be thoroughly cleaned using traditional methods that deliver superior results. Grease, grime, and dirt can be rinsed away without removing NANO4LIFE.
Tested to Resist Growth of Common Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold
All of our products have undergone extensive testing that demonstrate its ability to produce a healthier environment that doesn't require constant application of chemicals and cleaners. When it hardens, your glossy surfaces now have an additional coating of super-thin glass that resist scratches and has a low surface energy, so germs literally have nothing to cling to and begin to grow.
Available for Shipment Across the Globe
All of our nanotechnology coating solutions are available to shipped anywhere on the planet with speedy delivery options available. While we are based out of Athens, Greece, we cater to customers in Europe, the United States, South America, and the African Continent. Do you have more questions? Download our product catalogs and spec sheets with a quick click.

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