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Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance

Sail Year Round with Durable Sea Salt Ship Protection

Do you spend an exorbitant amount of money and time every year removing the damage caused by ocean spray, wind, and waves on your boat? Discover what NANO4-LIFE Europe L.P. in Athens, Greece can do for you with a complete line of products designed to repel water while sealing just about every surface onboard. Our sea salt ship protection products create a clear and durable barrier that stops scratches, water penetration, and mineral build up on your deck, hull, railings, and windows.
Advanced Chemical Resistance Protects Your Hull and Decks
We use nanotechnology and advanced chemical resistance to bond NANO4-Yacht to all the exposed surfaces of your boat or ship. The easy application process just needs a spray and wipe to start and up to 24 hours to harden into its final durable state. Our different products use the right chemicals to permanently adhere to a variety of surfaces from wood to metal to fiberglass and plastics. Water, salt, and grime rinses right off without soaking the original material.
A Long-lasting Application that Bonds with Nonporous Surfaces
You know that traditional gel-coats work with your hull, but how do you extend the life of your teak decks? NANO4-Life and our sea salt ship protection is able to seal porous materials including wood without changing its appearance or performance. The only difference you will notice is that the dirt, sand, and scuffs left behind by your guests will wash away using nothing more than a hose and mop. The coating is designed to last all year or longer.
A Polished Appearance that Requires Less Maintenance
When it is time to polish every corner of your boat, our advanced chemical and acid resistant coating ensures that more delicate and sensitive materials are not damaged by more caustic products used during your annual scrub down. At the same time, its UV protective properties maintain the bright colors of your decorative stripes for many years. Learn more about our nanotechnologies and how we can help extend the life and look of your ship or boat.

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