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Self Cleaning

Creating Self Cleaning Surfaces Using Nanotechnology

How do you operate a business that is virtually self-cleaning? Check out all the options provided at NANO4-LIFE Europe L.P. that include coatings and sealants for buildings, furniture, cars, and boats that offer permanent dirt resistance while preventing the buildup of microbial odors. Nanotechnology means that each of our coatings will actually permanently bond to the surface it is applied to, resulting in a durable surface that sheds water, dirt, and germs while resisting scratches and dings.


Nonporous Surfaces Simply Shed Water, Dirt, and Germs


Seal out the elements on almost any building surface including stone, wood, glass, plastics, and metal. Most of our coatings use a simple spray and wipe application process. Once it dries, you are left with the original appearance of the material, but water and dirt won't stick. A quick wipe or pressure wash of the building exterior will restore its like-new appearance. Since nothing sticks, germs and bacteria have no opportunity to grow, improving the overall cleanliness of your property.


Prevents Microbial Odors from Growing in Fabrics and Carpeting


Our NANO4-Furniture stops water from infiltrating fabrics and weaves, which eliminates the extra moisture needed for many microbes to thrive. Eliminate musty smells since they never have a chance to become established. Apply our products in restrooms to fixtures, walls, and floors and discover what a sparkling clean space smells like. The permanent dirt resistance means that a quick wipe and mop will always leave the room free of stains, odors, and hidden problems.


Lowering Your Maintenance Costs with Permanent Dirt Resistance


Once you have NANO4-LIFE on your side, watch your maintenance budget shrink as your building, floors, surfaces, and even windows will require less time to keep them shining. A pressure wash will spiff up siding and sidewalks. Inside, you will be wiping away all indications of dirt without scrubbing. Even your car will sparkle under the sun after a shower rinses off-road grime.


Apply It and Forget It for Up to Three Years


Many of our products are applied using an easy spray and wipe process. With drying times of minutes up to a day, you will enjoy up to three years of permanent dirt resistance while preventing microbial odors from invading your space. Click or call for a distributor in your region. We are available across the world with expedited delivery available.

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