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Prevents Micro Scratches

Protecting Your Automotive Finish with Nanotechnology

Every car that ever leaves the garage will get covered in scratches, right? Not when you use car paint anti-scratch protection from NANO4-Life Europe L.P. in Athens, Greece. Our sealant bonds to the surface of your vehicle at the molecular level, creating a clear ceramic coating able to repel dust and dirt while maintaining the glass-smooth finish of a new paint job. It prevents micro-scratches from occurring while providing UV protection to maintain color.


Durable Anti-Scratch Protection that Bonds with Your Car Paint


Our products when applied with the paint create a clear coating that will endure for years. Add our NANO4-CarProtect and watch water roll right off the body no matter how heavy it is raining. Did you roll through some mud puddles? A quick rinse with just water will banish the mud and grime while preventing micro-scratches from harming the finish of your car. You can rub all you want, and our nanotechnology coating will remain intact.


Protecting Tires, Wheels, and Plastic Fascia


We offer a complete line of products specifically formulated to work with each material found on your vehicle's exterior and interior. Your body-color bumpers will keeps its matching appearance while your wheels will shed dirt and rust every time you drive through the rain. Use one of our formulas for glass and prevent micro-scratches from appearing on your windshield. Even your tires can maintain a glossy finish for months at a time with a single application.


A Single Application Lasts--Even through Many Washes


You may think that you will be reapplying our NANO4-Car Paint Anti-Scratch Protection every few months, just like traditional waxes and polishes. Those old-fashioned systems wear off after just a few drives in the rain. Our products create a lasting bond that is able to stand up to wind, rain, snow, ice, and extreme heat. Some products maintain their ability to resist scratches for years.


Providing a Superior Product for Clients or Your Personal Ride


We offer distribution world-wide with next-day delivery possible in many instances. Click or call for details or order your NANO4-LIFE products straight from our easy online store.

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